Thursday, January 12, 2012

Q & A…

Q: How do we go about donating to our local hospital?

A:  In previous years I just called the hospitals and asked for the labor and delivery unit or NICU and then asked them if they accepted baby blanket donations and if so if they had any specifications on type of material, size, etc. Also it would be good to find out where you would drop them off at.

I'm pretty sure all hospitals accept baby blanket donations at least all the one's I've ever called have :)

Q: When is the drop off date?

A: You can drop off the blankets whenever is convenient for you we just ask that they be dropped off by June 1st. That way we can tally the number of blankets donated and give you the results of this year’s Calling All Angels :)

Q: What do we do after we’ve donated the blankets?

A: Please email us at {} after you have donated your blankets and tell us the following:

1. How many blankets were donated—there is no pressure here, one blanket is just as great as a lot of blankets so don’t think that if you can only donate one blanket that you shouldn’t participate in Calling All Angels! Just think your one blanket will go to one baby…every blanket matters!

2. Where you donated the blanket(s)

3. Please send us a picture with the blanket(s) for our yearly Calling All Angels video.

4.  (These last two are optional) If you donated in behalf of  a little angel baby or babies we’d love to include their name and picture in our video.

5. (Again optional)Video yourself delivering the blankets and email it to us and we can include it in the video.

We are excited to see how this works out for this year’s project and can’t express our gratitude enough for joining with us in reaching out to serve!

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