Sunday, December 9, 2012

Angel Babies 2012…

The following is a list of names for the babies we donated in honor of. Our hearts are full of love as we remember these sweet ones who had a small time here on Earth but will never be forgotten.

Aaron Theodore Rex

Amanda Eileen Nordstrom

Ammon Paul Haag

Brenda Lee Bell

Cooper Christine Fresh

Deen Brent Waddell

Emma Hope

Emmett Anthony Poole

Jayden Neal Guymon

Jennifer Ledford

Jennifer Roberts

Matthew VonNiederhausern

Rachael Roberts

Susan Raccine Mackley

William Richard Abbott


*Please let me know if I have missed anyone, we will also be including these names in our video.

** Stay tuned for this year’s video, sorry we are still in the process of editing since we’ve been moving around a lot this year.

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  1. I really admire what you guys do, Angie. I simply can not imagine what it would be like to loose a child, it hurts my heart to think about. It is awesome to me that you have turned such a trial into a way of helping others and remembering those precious little ones.