Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Calling All Angels Project 2013…

This year we’ve decided to do something similar to last year’s Calling All Angels project and mix it up by also giving you the option to send the blankets to us since we are in a pretty stable place right now.

We are giving you the decision to do what you prefer, either donate them to local hospitals or send them to us. We will update you soon with the PO Box address if you would like to send them to us.

We have also added to the sidebar a printable donation letter that you can print off and take with you to the hospital you donate to so that they can share with other families the reason we started donating blankets and feel the comfort and support of others who have gone through something similar.

We are so touched that Calling All Angels is still going and it is because people like you! We are so very blessed to have been the benefactors of such service when we lost our son Jayden and we want to give back as much as we can.

You can rally together and do a local “Calling All Angels” in your area by spreading the news to your family, town, church members, co-workers and friends OR you can send them our way.

We are excited to see how this turns out and can’t wait to hear/see how many blankets get donated this year. I’m starting to work on mine and I’m SO excited!

We thank everyone in advance for helping us make Calling All Angels such a success and we look forward to a great year! Much love and God Bless!

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