Sunday, March 6, 2016

Calling All Angels 2016...

Year 7 is upon us! How is it that it feels like just yesterday we were beginning this journey and yet it's been 7 years?!  I have been late getting it out there with all our infertility treatments and beginning the house hunt, but I hope you'll still join in even with the later notice :)

This year we are asking that you donate the blankets to your local hospital yourself. If you live near us, please feel free to drop off the blankets to us though if you want. 

Please email us at with how many blankets and where you donated them so we can tally up the results. 

It truly has been such an amazing experience for us to see all the good in the world from all the service you sweet angels give. How humbling and touched we are to watch the sweet service so many have given. None of this would be possible with out you who donate. I honestly can't wait to get to heaven and see all the families your blankets you've donated and see how they touched others. I can only imagine the sweet hugs and tears that will be shared.

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